Global accountability to prevent pandemics

Policy Statements

The Pandemic Convention We Need Now

April, 2022

To prevent future outbreaks from becoming global pandemics, The Panel for a Global Public Health Convention (GPHC) is calling for an accountable international system that enables countries at every income level to detect, alert and respond to health threats.

The Case for a Pandemic Prevention Treaty

October, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health catastrophe. This was a preventable disaster. For more than 20 years, experts have warned us this was likely to happen if we did not pay attention to the governance, preparedness for the management of outbreaks and pandemics.


June 29, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected all aspects of human life on every region of the planet. The social and financial cost have been profound, and the deep devastation in terms of human suffering, lost lives, and compromised potential for future generations will be felt for years to come.

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

March, 2021
We consulted with global experts across borders and sectors to determine what a new global public health security convention would need to best prevent, prepare for and respond to infectious disease outbreaks and pandemics.

Communications to International Bodies

Panel's Statement after Second INB Meeting

18-22 July, 2022
From spiking COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths due to Omicron subvariants to the ongoing monkeypox outbreak now recorded in nearly 80 countries, disease outbreaks are becoming more frequent and persistent

Panel's Response to WHO White Paper

4 May, 2022
The Panel for a Global Public Health Convention has today submitted a response to the WHO White Paper. I have attached that response for your convenience. You will see that we are very supportive of the attempt to bring coherence to a very complex set of issues.

Submission to INB Public Hearings

12-13 April, 2022
What do we need to be accountable for? Preparedness includes accurate public health surveillance, and readiness to act when alerted by WHO, requiring finance for poorer countries. have prevented the pandemic we have been enduring.